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The company

The Corali Spa company was founded in 1957 from the intuition and activity of Mr. Bruno Corali, designing and building machines for sewing with wire of the wooden elements for fruit and vegetable packaging.

From the fruit and vegetable sector where it immediately occupied a leading position for its automatic lines, in 1965 the Company began producing machinery for the assembly of pallets and industrial packaging; the development of the storage and transportation sector is increasingly growing and, first with staplers and later with nailing machines, Corali offers completely automatic and modular lines.

Since then the versatility of the Company is reflected in its production: flexible lines for special products, also customized in modularity.

Sensing the need to modernize, Corali gave life in 1997 to some company changes that bring new enthusiasm and new ideas that are summarized in the last great results achieved, of which the most recent is the acquisition of the French competitor.

Corali and Gazzella Atlantique are today a group, Corali Group, which offer expertise, technology and support to the entire global packaging sector.

intuition AND 

industriousness ...

...which continues

over time

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